The Dementors

The Dementors are USC's representative team, playing at all levels of competition in Australia. They began their quidditch careers at the 2015 Unibattle tournament, bringing home silver and making a name for themselves as the first Queensland team to beat an interstate team at a national level. They competed in their first QUAFL (Australia's national quidditch championship) in December 2015, entering the tournament unranked and finishing in tenth place out of nineteen teams.

Since then, the Dementors have only kept improving - at QUAFL 2016, they took out 12th place from 26 teams, and in 2017 secured a career-best 10th from 23, narrowly missing out on the top 8 by an overtime loss.

The team has previously been ranked the best in Queensland, and hopes to earn that title again in the 2018 QAQ (Queensland Association of Quidditch) State League tournament. Many of our players have also been selected for the Thunderbirds, Queensland's state representative team.

The Dementors pride themselves on playing fairly and with good humour, though they aren't afraid of a little friendly rivalry. They use every game as a learning experience, and have gained the respect of the wider quidditch community for their never-give-up attitude and surprising wins over top-tier teams.

Coaching Team

Our dedicated coaching team are in charge of training, drills, mentoring, and team development. All three of our coaching staff were selected to represent our state on the Queensland Thunderbirds in 2017, and are some of our strongest and most decorated players at USCQL. With nearly ten years of quidditch experience between them, the trio are committed to helping improve our squad and make each player the best they can be.

Alise Fox


Member since: Apr 2014

Position held since: Nov 2016

Abbey Ashfield-Crook


Member since: Jul 2014

Position held since: Jun 2017

Jake Quinlan


Member since: Mar 2017

Position held since: Jun 2017