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frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to be good at sport to play Quadball?
A: Absolutely not! At USCQL, we are a social league that enjoys playing our unique sport and making life-long friends. A lot of our players have never played a sport before and yet, love the social aspect that our league offers. Of course, we also have a large number of players who have transitioned from other sports, occasionally after playing at state or national levels, and enjoy the challenge of employing their skills in different ways.

Q: Is it a mixed-gender sport?

A: Yes, it is. In fact, Quadball the only mixed-gender, full-contact sport in the world. To keep everything fair, a gender rule exists which permits a maximum of four players of the same gender on a team to be on the pitch at the same time. This includes people who identify as female or male, although those who identify as non-binary are not included in this rule, thus being permitted to play with up to four males or females regardless of their assigned gender. Quadball is a very inclusive sport, and we invite players of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to play with us.

Q: Did Quadball come from Quidditch?
A: It did! Quadball was inspired by the game of Quidditch from J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter. In 2022 a decision was made internationally to change the name of the sport from 'Quidditch' to 'Quadball' as a way to jump into exciting new opportunities for the sport!

Q: Do you fly?

A: No, we don't fly. Our brooms are made of plastic PVC pipe, and don't have bristles, or magical powers. The brooms act as a sort of handicap - it's very hard to run and catch a ball while holding a stick between your legs!

Q: Are the hoops worth different points?
A: No, all hoops are worth 10 points each.

Q: How does the snitch work?
A: The snitch is a ball in a tag velcroed to the back of a pair of shorts, like in AusTag, which the snitch runner (often also referred to as the snitch) wears while they try to fend off or outrun the seekers. The game ends when either team catches the snitch, but the seekers are only released at 18 minutes of game time, so all games have a minimum time limit. Catching the snitch gives the team 30 points, as opposed to 150 in Harry Potter.

Q: Do beaters use bats like in Harry Potter?
A: No, the beaters, two from each team, throw or "beat" players from the other team using one of three coloured dodgeballs positioned on the pitch.


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