About Us

The University of the Sunshine Coast Quidditch League was founded in April 2014 and has evolved into a network of 60+ quidditch players of all skill levels, and their supporters. Through the league, a rich tapestry of friendships has been forged, and newcomers are always welcome.

The league currently consists of four teams who compete in weekly matches fuelled by friendly on-field rivalry, in two intra-university tournaments per year. These teams are the USC Thestrals, USC Nargles, USC Phoenix, and USC Death Eaters. From these teams, the strongest players are selected to form the representative team, the USC Dementors.



USCQL's intra-university tournament is held twice a year, running alongside the university semesters. Four illustrious teams battle it out for their place on the coveted USCQL Shield.



We have a dedicated group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep USCQL growing and improving, and who run our games, events, and fundraisers. We couldn't do it without them!


the Dementors


The USC Dementors are our official university team, representing us at regional tournaments and at QUAFL, the Australian national quidditch championship.